About Us



The Big C. is a start-up social enterprise with a new innovative way of experiencing coffee and social impact for people who have been affected by cancer.   We believe that social and economic opportunities are necessary for people to develop themselves and their own community.   We focus particularly on coffee lovers, socially engaged entrepreneurs and organizations with an eye for quality, a good taste and positive impact.    




The Big C. Story is the journey of Stefanie. At the age of 26 she looked cancer straight in the eye as a young woman. This life-threatening experience caused a major turning point in her life.   After a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs she found strength in her vulnerability and found a new passion in life: coffee and social entrepreneurship.      




The Big C. is on a mission to connect, strengthen and empower young people who have been affected by cancer. We can only make this happen with the profit of our social enterprise.  We can truly make a difference in people's life and we want to do this together with you.  




The goal is to open coffee corners all over the world and to become a successful social brand with impact. Yes, we are ambitious because we believe that we need to connect our community for a better-quality life during and after cancer. Stefanie, the founder, shares her story with the world to inspire others. She wants to be a role-model and together write a new more positive story about life after cancer. A story that is about empowerment, personal leadership, love and making dreams become reality again. 

With the coffee brand, the barista's on the road, and the coffee corners we will make impact beyond our dreams.  


We will put the CAN back in cancer. 

By ordering Coffee, investing in Corners, hiring our  barista's on the road you are contributing to the growth of the social enterprise. But more important you directly invest in impact for young people affected by cancer.